Adobe Illustrator Tutorial | Advance Logo Design Part 1 | Free Bangla Creative Learning 101

Welcome to Free Bangla Creative Learning 101 video series! In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process of designing a professional logo using Adobe Illustrator. Whether you’re a graphic design enthusiast or just starting with Illustrator, this series of videos will help you get comfortable with the essential tools and features.

📌 Topics covered in this video:

Understanding the fundamentals of effective logo design
Defining the purpose and values of your brand
Sketching and brainstorming logo ideas
Setting up your logo design project in Adobe Illustrator
Creating and refining logo concepts using vector shapes
Incorporating typography and custom lettering
Selecting appropriate color schemes and symbolism
Balancing simplicity and complexity in logo design
Adding final touches and details to your logo
Exporting your logo in various formats for versatility

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