Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial Typography Lettering Using Art Brush

Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial Typography Lettering Using Art Brush Tutorial

In this Adobe Illustrator CC tutorial, you will learn how to use the art brush to create a typography lettering.

Let me warn you beforehand, the following video is in a bit full-speed with no one directly telling you the instructions. So, If you miss out some part or get lost along the way, please let me know in the comment section, with the timing of the particular part of the Adobe Illustrator CC tutorial, I will do my best in answering your inquiries.

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This artwork is inspired by Nobu Design Tutorial:

How do I Duplicate objects by dragging?
▶ Select one or more objects.
▶ Select the Selection, Direct Selection, or Group Selection.
▶ Alt‑drag (Windows) or Option‑drag (Mac OS) the selection (but not a handle on the bounding box).

How do I Duplicate the last Action done in Adobe Illustrator?
▶ Use the shortcut key, Press Ctrl+D or Command+D

How do I Paste in place?
▶ Use the shortcut key, Shift + Ctrl + B or Shift + Command + B

– If you see the object in this video tutorial flickered by any chance that is only me pressing the shortcut keys mention below-



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