Adobe Fonts: Practicing Typography Basics & The Adobe Fonts Gift Guide with Ben & Ari – Episode 38

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There is a very exciting new course from Adobe, Practicing Typography Basics. In this episode, we’ll take you through the first lesson and go through the exercises together! We will also go through our Adobe Fonts Gift Guide, for all the font nerds and designers in your life.
In this episode you’ll learn:
– The different jobs that type and fonts do.
– How to finesse body text.
– How to pick a body text font.

Practicing Typography Basics Course:

Making body text easy to read:

Adobe Fonts Gift Guide:

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Ben Welch is a Content Producer for Adobe based in New York.

Ariadne Remoundakis is a lettering artist and Library Manager of Adobe Fonts based in San Francisco:

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00:00 Start
2:28 Introduction to the show
9:13 Asking chat for input
10:28 Practicing Typography Basics
16:37 Lesson 1: Typography Course
18:36 Good fonts for Body Text
25:22 Using the example file from the Typography Course
25:50 Using a body text font
28:04 Filtering fonts to show Adobe Fonts
37:58 Adjusting the line length
40:33 Adjusting the line spacing
42:47 Color of the text
45:29 Holiday Fonts on Adobe Fonts
47:01 Italics filter on Adobe Fonts
49:23 Single or double story A
50:53 Adobe Fonts Gift Guide
56:00 Wrap up

Duration: 00:58:30