This hack will work on Adobe Dimension 1.0 and 1.0.1 you need to be on the latest build of windows 10 as well. Windows 10 Anniversary Update (64-bit) – Version 1607 (build 10.0.14393) or later

First of all, this is a hack I found out while reading one of the codes of adobe… I have BEEN LOOKING ALL OVER THE NET- NO ONE HAS SOLVED THIS YET, and I found it. I love Adobe Dimensions, and would recommend it to any one who wants to do a 3d photo realistic layout. The only problem of Adobe Dimension is the FORCED SYSTEM Settings they push for it to be even “usable” on any desktop or laptop. Their requirements are quite high-
But, what if you are on a budget, or if you have devices that are “CAPABLE” of running it- like for example, a surface pro 4 as I read somewhere… but their software wont let you? heck even keyshot would let me render on an intel hd- Maybe they did this to make use of ultra smooth usage, or less flickering as it would occur with less stable graphics cards.

I discovered this as the program, one time (this afternoon) was able to make me render a 3d image properly- even if it was not running their specific hardware requirements. I wanted to use the software so badly that I started digging ahahahhaha!

If you want a step by step guide please read here:

Thanks everyone I hope this helps a lot! please support adobe, and I hope they will be more lenient with the supported graphics cards if they do update again.

Duration: 00:02:24