Adobe Dimension – Beyond the Fundamentals!!!

Stop wasting time and start making your Adobe Dimension scenes stand out above the crowd!
Available on Amazon est 4/13/2021!

This book is for people who are familiar with the “basics” of Adobe Dimension, and want to refine their designs to look more “realistic, professional, etc.,”
• Lighting – Creation and Placement
• Using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
for Model Creation
• Creating Material Files from JPG Files
• Utilizing Bitmap Images to Affect Material Properties
• Integrating of Adobe Mixamo Characters into a Scene
• Working with Decals
• Resolution Confusion, Outputting Renders
• Tips and Techniques
Work like a painter or a photographer, adjusting lights and materials, and object positioning to reflect the natural world. To create basic models beyond the ones available from Adobe Stock by utilizing skills you already have in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, and maybe add a character or two from Adobe Mixamo when needed. In addition, I have included a section on information on outputting your renders for print–all in one single resource. Approximately 60 pages.

Duration: 00:01:20