Adding a GIF to an Image in Photoshop

This is a tutorial for combining a GIF with a flat/static image to make a new file (GIF) for posting to social media or using on your website.

Yes, the audio is a bit low. No, you really don’t have to tell me, cause I know, and I’m sorry.

Some people have reported having trouble with the step “match layers across frames” be sure to click the the frame on the timeline that shows the background (should be frame 1) before applying the match layer across frames” step.” See 6:54 on video.
Also if you have multiple flat images (I am just using one in this demo) you will need to Match Layer Across Frames for EACH static (flat) layer.) Thanks to folks in the comments pointing these things out!

Disclaimer: I am NOT an Adobe Photoshop expert or tutorial-maker and there may be better ways to do what I am doing but this worked for me.
I hope it is helpful to you.
Music: Doomed Romance by Purple Planet Music

Duration: 00:12:48