Add Materials to a 3D Model Plastic Jug & Rendering in Adobe Dimension

In this 4-minute demonstration, I’m going to show you How to Add Materials to a 3D Model Plastic Jug & Rendering in Adobe Dimension. The quality we can achieve using this program with little 3D experience is relatively easy and impressive.

This 3D model is available in my shop where you can support me & get the model already made! There are full and partial labels on the jug.

🍒 Table of Contents 🍒
0:00 Import .OBJ assets into Adobe Dimension
0:23 Generate UVs to help optimize the model
0:52 Style translucent plastic jug
1:14 Style the Fill
1:25 Style the Metallic Foil Label
1:55 Drag & Drop Your Decal(s) on the model
2:11 Unlink Materials
2:22 Quick Render Preview
2:25 Save your favorite Camera Angles/Views
3:14 Tips for Saving a label for special printing/material
3:33 Final render images 🖼️
* I used the Studio Front Key Light (Environment Light)

🍩 Shortcuts 🍩
F – Fit selected object to screen
1 – Rotate Camera View
2 – Pan Camera View
3 – Zoom
| – Toggle Render Preview (pipe character key)

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Duration: 00:03:48