Add a BORDER to Your Video in Premiere Pro CC 2021 | 2 EASY WAYS!

Learn 2 EASY WAYS to add borders or outline your videos in Premiere Pro CC 2021 that can be scaled and animated along with the clips, like you put the video in a floating frame. I will also show you how to change clips within the frame (border), how to add effects and transitions to the clips, how to add a blurry background video, how to swivel & tilt the frame (basic 3D), as well as how to add a drop shadow. This is a beginners tutorial where we will be using essential graphics and the Grid effect to generate borders around the video.

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0:00 Start
0:17 Border #1: Essential Graphics
3:40 Border #2: The Grid Effect
5:41 Scale/Resize Border with Video
6:02 Add a Background Video
6:27 Add a Drop Shadow to Border
6:50 Swivel & Tilt the Frame
7:27 Change Clips within Border
8:48 Re-Frame Clips within Border
9:11 Effects/Transitions within Border

Duration: 00:09:57