Actions & Batch Automation in Photoshop – HUGE TIME SAVER

Tutorial for custom actions and batch processing automation. Apply edits to hundreds of photos in seconds!!!

Have you ever wanted to automatically edit and rename a thousand images? Don’t do it one file at a time! You can very easily automate this. WORK SMARTER.

Think about things you do in Photoshop often — maybe it’s a simple blur, color grading, or drop shadow effect. Perhaps you just want to resize your document quickly. Once you “record” a process, you can repeat it with a single click.

After you have your action set up, go to:
File – Automation – Batch

Then, you can apply your custom action to an entire folder of images. Imagine you wanted to instantly convert all of your vacation photos to grayscale for some reason. Easy. OR, maybe you have to convert all of those photos to cmyk and save as a different format. That’s a no-brainer.

Confused? Feel free to ask questions. I read all the comments.

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Duration: 00:10:15