ACM2005 – Minor Composition.

For my minor composition I decided to make an animated web banner with the dimensions of 250 x 250px. Meaning it would be a square pop up. Its purpose is to advertise Melbourne Airport parking and show that if they book online they will get the “lowest price.” However, I wanted a bit more emphasis on how they “have you covered” if you may have forgotten about what to do with your car when you’re going away. Most of the shapes were made with the stencils that are available in Photoshop. However the planes were my own images which I had edited to become silhouettes using Photoshop again. I then put all the shapes and images into Illustrator and added text to then make files with layers I could then animate in After Effects. Sound is credit to this website: I also added a sound symbol like they have on certain ads online. However, it is not interactive like the real ones.


Duration: 20

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