A Creative Odyssey – the podcast

Discovering the Art of Quilt Design and Online Business

Welcome to A Creative Odyssey!!

I’m Ally Ryde, a designer, entrepreneur and online educator obsessed with all things design, quilting and creative business.

Whether you are a seasoned quilter, or just starting out as a beginner, learning to create your own quilt patterns…

Whether you are someone who is passionate about design, textiles, and creativity as an art form, looking to get more creativity into your life…

Or whether you are a creative business geek who loves to nerd out on all the moving parts that go into making an online business thrive – you are in the right place.

I truly believe that design is the balm of life that allows us to experience everyday moments on another level.

Whether that is as you notice all the design inspiration in everyday life, or when you touch the heirloom quilt you’ve made for someone special, or you enjoy a curated experience in a creative class.

I look forward to sharing my creative odyssey with you, as I navigate design, creativity, Adobe Illustrator and Indesign, quilt pattern writing, building and growing an online business and stepping into the best version of myself on this journey as a creative entrepreneur.

I can’t wait to see what you make as you unlock the creativity you hold within and I’m thrilled to be walking alongside you for part of your creative journey as you explore the possibilities of creative business.

Join me weekly for short episodes where I’ll explore themes related to
– design and creativity
– quilting quilt pattern writing
– creative entrepreneurship and more

Along the way I’m going to be inviting some special guests to join me as well, so stay tuned!

Are you ready?

Roll up your sleeves, It’s time to embark on A Creative Odyssey.


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