9 Things Pro DMs Do That You Shouldn’t

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D&D shows like Critical Role and Dimension 20 are amazing, and the dungeon masters running the D&D games depicted in those shows are equally amazing. Thousands if not millions of people watch Dungeons & Dragons shows every month, and they have helped push our beloved hobby into the mainstream and made it cooler than ever. We all owe these productions our thanks and gratitude. It must be said, though, that the old adage still holds: don’t believe everything you see on TV. For dungeon masters who watch these D&D shows, they surely must wonder if they do exactly what Matt Mercer and Brennan Lee Mulligan and other pro DMs do, will their D&D games be just as amazing? In many cases, yes, we can learn a ton from these pro dungeon masters, and improve our games. However, there are also things that pro DMs do on D&D shows that probably won’t work in your own D&D games. In this video, we discuss nine things that pro DMs do on D&D shows that you probably shouldn’t in your own D&D games.

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