80s Retro Vintage VHS Look for your Footage! – After Effects Tutorial

Let’s create a vintage retro VHS look in After Effects!

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Specifically, we’ll be creating a distorted look as if the VHS tape has been rewinded too many times.
Next week we will take a look at how to create and animate the cheesy 80s retro intro you saw in the beginning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Gh2n0-Zt9s&t=5s
Hope you guys like it!

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The ENCOUNTER – 5 Minute Window

Computer Specs:
MacBook Pro 15″

Shot using: Sony A7s, Sony Zeiss 55mm 1.8,
S-log2 Color Profile.

Sony a7s https://goo.gl/VSPhm9
Sony a7s II https://goo.gl/zxlsFk
Sony 24-70mm https://goo.gl/HqZeYQ
Sony 55mm https://goo.gl/yIDfFn
Tamron 70-200mm https://goo.gl/b5eGnD
Tamron 15-30mm https://goo.gl/tZCYyB

Edited in Premiere CC

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