7 STYLISH SLIDE TRANSITIONS | After Effects 2023 (Tutorial)

7 STYLISH SLIDE TRANSITIONS | After Effects 2023 (Tutorial)

Adding slide transitions to your videos can make them more stylish and professional. In this video, I’ll show you seven amazing slide transitions that you can use in After Effects 2023. They’re easy to learn and add a touch of professionalism to any project.

To make these transitions, we’ll be combining concepts like masking, freeze frames, and rotoscoping to achieve aesthetically pleasing results.

I know these transitions are useful for both beginners and advanced editors alike. We’ll be creating some basic slide transitions as well as some complex transitions, so feel free to skip around.

Please comment any questions or concerns you have!

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0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Basic Slide Transition
3:20 – Puzzle Slide Transition
8:20 – Matte Transition
10:30 – Rotoscope x Matte Transition
13:15 – Corner Slide Transition
16:20 – Freeze Frame Transition
20:40 – Background Split Transition
24:00 – Saber Transition
26:00 – Community / Free Pack
26:58 – Outro

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