6. “Photoshop Live S3D” – S3D in AE

Sorry for the absence, we’ve been a bit busy of late! However I found some time this morning to demonstrate something I have used a few times in AE, which consists of saving an .obj 3d model in Photoshop (PSD) and importing it into AE, so that you are manipulating a 3D object in AE! Cool eh!

Unfortunately I’ve not had the time to do a pdf of the workflow but the source files can be found at http://www.projectchapman3d.com


**Update** Stereoscopic Guru Andrew Murchie spotted a mistake in the video! The left and right images are the wrong way round on viewing (if you turn your glasses round the apple will look correct).

On investigation I found that this is because I made a mistake when renaming my first comp… I didn’t put a space before the word “LEFT”! Make sure you don’t make the same mistake as me! The project file is correct however!

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