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Becoming a photo retoucher is a lucrative career that offers amazing benefits. In this video, Sef is going to share with you 5 types of photoshop retouching careers and positions. Let’s deep dive into the video to learn more about photography careers as retouching persons. ✅ View the entire class here: https://l.proedu.com/retouching-yt
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In this section, Sef covers the personas of retouchers in the industry and why it’s important to understand the differences. For some retouchers, you can live a completely remote life with low overhead. In this video section taken from our Business of Retouching tutorial at PRO EDU, Sef explains the 5 main types of retouchers and how they can operate in the photography career.

Photo retouchers work with photographers to alter digital photos for a variety of uses. As a photo retoucher, you enhance photos with Photoshop. If you’re looking for getting started career as a photo retoucher.

Getting a job as a retoucher can be a great safety position to fall back on when times get rough. Markets constantly fluctuate, and since photography and retouching complement each other so well, keeping a solid foundation of retouching skills in your back pocket.

If you’re seriously considering a future career in retouching, you’re undoubtedly aware of the huge range of potential options and specializations in the industry. From working fashion in-house, to remotely delivering an architectural interiors project, or assisting at a shoot as a digital operator, we get the option to experience a rewarding variety of work.

You can check out all video parts to know about 5 types of photoshop retouching careers and positions by clicking the timestamps below for a quick view of every action.

00:00 – Intro
00:06 – Introduction | Retouching Personas
01:24 – What Are Principals
02:44 – What Are Staffers
03:40 – The Freelance Retoucher
05:56 – Production Artist
07:51 – What Are Junior Retouchers?
09:40 – Conclusion & Final Thoughts

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