(5 TIPS & TRICKS) How to Cut Out Hair in Photoshop!

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Learn how to cut out hair in Photoshop with these 5 tips & tricks! (a few bonus tricks included, too!)
We’ll explore how to cut out hair in Photoshop in this video and talk about how I cut out hair in Photoshop smoothly and use Select & Mask as well as the refine edge brush, a Soft Light blend mode trick, creating a custom hair brush, and much more in this complete guide to cutting out hair in Photoshop CC!

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02:04 – Intro banter finished looking at examples
03:22 Bonus Tip #1: rough selections are a good starting point
04:23 Bonus Tip #2: Compose the image early!
05:02 #1.) Split body from hair
09:10 #2.) Select & Mask brushes + Decontaminate colors
16:57 #3.) Get rid of haze and halos (Levels & Soft Light!)
19:27 #4.) Custom hair brush + masking
26:37 #5.) Clone with hair brush
29:11 Bonus Tip #3: Dodge or Burn hair edges
32:48 Get it! Got it! Gooooood!


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