5 super SIMPLE, EASY and AWESOME text / title effects for Premiere Pro – PART II

5 super EASY and AWESOME text or title effects for Premiere Pro in a less than 9 minute tutorial video! 🎬 Powered by Storyblocks: https://www.storyblocks.com/Orange83Video 🎬

I have got 5 more text effects in part II of this video here: https://youtu.be/Ag7Y12qP9FQ

00:43 – Shiny text effect
02:22 – 3d Extrusion effect
04:00 – Spinning text effect
05:32 – Mirror text effect
06:48 – Bounch and zoom effect

Music used in this video: Antonio McGuire – Soul06 on Storyblock Audio

This video is made with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
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Microphone used for my voiceover: Rode NT1-AI-1 KIT
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Amazon (DE) https://amzn.to/2N0EE7i

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Duration: 00:08:25