5 Pathfinder Tips Most Designers Don't Know! (Adobe Illustrator Tutorial)

Todays Adobe Illustrator tutorial looks at the pathfinder tool, but we look at the advanced side of it, and some of the hidden functions or abilities that it has. The pathfinder tool is one of the most well known tools within Illustrator, but it’s something that most designers don’t fully understand. This tutorial aims to spread the word of this wonderful tool.

I know that most people do already know about the alt or option key functions in the pathfinder tool. You know the ones, where you can make compound paths for non destructive workflow methods. I do show that in this video, but I go a little deeper and look at practical ways to use them, and also expand on them a little as well.

I hope you enjoyed watching the video and maybe learned something about the Adobe Illustrator pathfinder tool. It’s a truly powerful asset to make use of in your graphic design workflow as a graphic designer.
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