4 TRIPPY Ways To Blend Footage (DATAMOSHING) | Video Editing Tutorials

https://shutr.bz/2yeyTII – Get a more in-depth look into how you can blend your footage in trippy ways and other video editing tutorials on the Shutterstock Blog.

DATAMOSH PLUGIN: https://bit.ly/2E9cxyi

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“Amalgamate” by Tenacious Orchestra – https://bit.ly/2y3sTDl
“Stars Will Tell” by Magnetize Music – https://bit.ly/2RueI27
“Typewriter” by Wolves – https://bit.ly/2zTuMDQ
“Smooth Chill Out” by Julian Bell – https://bit.ly/2DZOYId
“Cosmic Technology” by High Street Music – https://bit.ly/2IH2tLJ
“Weekend Lifestyle” by Chill Study – https://bit.ly/2PlpXZa

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