4 Editing Motion Graphics Techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro

I love editing in Premiere Pro, but what about doing motion graphics? Well, I always prefer using After Effects, however, there are some things you can easily do in Premiere Pro. So in this easy tutorial, we’re going to go through 4 editing motion graphics techniques! Learn how to use mattes for graphics and titles. Learn how to create shape transitions. Learn how to use line motion graphics and more!

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0:00 Intro – Please Subscribe 🙂
0:29 Tip One – Matte Track Graphics
2:15 Tip Two – Glitch Motion Graphics
4:40 100 Title Templates & More!
6:14 Tip Three – Shape Transition
7:36 Tip Four – Line Graphics
9:37 Outro – Please Subscribe 🙂

Duration: 00:10:11