3rd [Class2 ]part 2 How we make beauty #logodesign by using #adobeillustrator ?

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Adobe Illustrator is a powerful graphic design software widely used for creating logos. There are several types of logo designs that you can create using Adobe Illustrator, depending on the nature of the brand and its design preferences. Here are some common types:

Wordmarks or Logotypes:

These logos consist of the company’s name or initials.
Use custom typography or modify existing fonts to create a unique look.
Examples include Coca-Cola, Google, and IBM.
Lettermarks or Monograms:

These logos are made up of the brand’s initials.
Focus on creating a visually appealing and recognizable combination of letters.
Examples include IBM, HBO, and NASA.
Pictorial Marks or Symbols:

These logos are abstract symbols or icons representing the brand.
Design a unique, memorable image that relates to the brand identity.
Examples include the Apple logo, Twitter bird, and Nike swoosh.
Abstract Logos:

Similar to pictorial marks, abstract logos use non-representational shapes.
Create a visually appealing, unique shape that becomes associated with the brand.
Examples include the Adidas logo and the Pepsi logo.

Design a character or mascot that represents the brand’s personality.
Ideal for brands targeting a younger audience or wanting to convey a friendly image.
Examples include the KFC Colonel and the Michelin Man.
Combination Marks:

Combine a wordmark or lettermark with a symbol or icon.
Offers flexibility and brand recognition through both text and image.
Examples include Burger King, Doritos, and Lacoste.
Emblem Logos:

Combine text and an icon inside a shape or emblem.
Often used for a traditional, prestigious, or official look.
Examples include Starbucks and Harley-Davidson.
Responsive or Adaptive Logos:

Design logos that can adapt to different sizes and platforms.
Ensure readability and recognition across various devices and applications.
Gradient Logos:

Utilize gradients to add depth and dimension to the logo.
Can create a modern and visually striking effect.
Flat Design Logos:

Use minimalistic design with clean lines and simple shapes.
Focus on a straightforward and timeless aesthetic.
When using Adobe Illustrator for logo design, it’s essential to create scalable vector graphics (SVG) to ensure the logo can be resized without loss of quality. Additionally, consider the color scheme, typography, and overall brand message when designing a logo.


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