3D Text Effect With Color Change Effect – Premiere Pro

In this video, I am going to show you how to create a 3D text effect with the color change effect using adobe premiere pro. Hope you guys find this tutorial helpful. The 3D text effect with color change is a super easy tutorial you can easily achieve it by adding a drop shadow effect.

Turn on subtitles.

00:20 – Legacy title
01:00 – Adding a Drop shadow
01: 20 – Set keyframe for the drop shadow (Distance)
01:45 – Set a keyframe for the drop shadow(Shadow color)
02:15 – Completed adding keyframes for shadow color
02:35 – Copy keyframes and paste it
02: 50 – Adding bezier to distance keyframe
03:02 – Copy and pasting drop shadows 10 times
03:10 – Finished 3D color change text effect
03:25 – Adding video to the timeline
03:40 – Setting keyframe for scale
04: 06 – Adding bezier to both keyframes
04:15 – Finished pop-up effect

1. What is shift + Right arrow key do?
Shift + Right arrow key – Move forward five frames (Units)

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Duration: 00:04:52