3D Shapes with Shape Layers | No Plugins | After Effects Tutorial

Impossible to create a 3D Cube, 3D Sphere or a 3D Pyramide just with Shape Layers in After Effects?

And without a 3D Stroke plugin?

This really cool tip from @motiondesignschool inspired me to create 3D Objects with shape layer strokes only:


Although path points can only be moved in 2 dimensions I figured out a cheat to put them into 3D space.

The good thing about it is that you can still use the path operators like ‘wiggle path’, ‘trim path’ or ‘repeater.

► Download the free After Effects Project File here:


00:00 Intro 3D Shapes

01:30 How to create a 3D Cube in After Effects

05:38 Variations with 3D Strokes

07:22 The Secret: toComp expression

08:39 How to create a 3D Pyramide in After Effects

09:10 How to create a 3D Sphere in After Effects

11:49 Using Path Operators

12:46 Problems & Fixes / Outro


Enjoy watching!

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Duration: 00:14:12