3D set extension / VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT tutorial (After Effects)

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Here’s how we created a full 3D set extension / virtual environment for a character filmed in front of a green screen, with some help from our friends at Production Crate and using Adobe After Effects!

This is a bit like our previous experiments with matte paintings, but this time we take it to the third dimension and add a moving subject. We filmed a character walking on a treadmill in front of a green screen, removed the green with Keylight and then composited in lots of ProductionCrate’s amazing hi-res set extension scenery behind. We then arranged these in After Effects on the Z axis in 3D space and created an artificial camera to move thorough the scenery. This gives the impression that the camera is moving backwards with the walking figure.

3D set extensions for miniatures:

Matte Painting tutorial:
Matte painting tutorial: https://youtu.be/0sdmKf2_riM

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