3D Sales Video. Ad…

After Effects:
– 3D – most objects (counter, transvision text) were created from scratch in 3D through After Effects. The counter was created by duplicating layers and synching them to the top layer using AE coding.
– Camera – The camera was keyframed to rotate around the text screen to give the effect of exploring a space, almost reminiscent of a helicopter camera view in its movement. This was to replicate the scale of the product being sold.
– Lighting – keyframing the lights to the area of the stage that the camera was focused on.

– Image Preparation – The big screen image used a grain effect to replicated the pixelated look/feel of a big screen.

Project Objective:
To create a dynamic ad that would display what types of animation could be provided for their product. To also provide info that let users get in contact with the company.

Duration: 30

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