3D RGB (mock anaglyph) Effect Premiere Pro CC Tutorial

3D RGB (mock anaglyph) Effect Premiere Pro CC Tutorial

First off, I’d like to mention that this effect was not intended to be used with anaglyph 3D glasses, but merely mimics the effect. I have not tested it in that capacity. But, if anyone wants to test it out let me know if it does work in the comments! I’d love to find out!

This is an effect I created entirely on my own through trial and error and wanted to share it with you guys, because, well why not? This kind of effect would be perfect in a music video or a creative ad space. If you do use it, please send me a link or shout me out! Not asking for money or CC but not turn that down either. I guess I believe in sharing the love if you are so inclined. If not, I hope I will win you over eventually haha.

This effect creates an RGB stencil outline that you can use over black and white, color footage, or on its own. You can even mask any combo of these together to really give it that extra razzle-dazzle!

Hope you guys liked this video! Thank you

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