3D Pencil on Paper Effect in Cavalry Animation Software | Step-by-Step Tutorial

Unlock the secrets to creating a stunning 3D pencil on paper effect in Cavalry Animation Software. Follow along as we guide you through each step of this captivating animation technique. Elevate your motion graphics skills today!

00:00 Introduction
00:13 Setting up a Text shape
00:35 Using an Extrude
00:54 Stroke Join Styles
01:08 Extrude Combine Meshes
02:00 Tapered Strokes
02:39 Applying a Distortion Filter
03:19 Making use of the Graph Paper Demo Scene
04:12 Additional Tutorial to create a 3D Tube
05:10 Duplicator Distribution of Extruded Arc
05:30 Staggering Duplicate Positions
06:17 Oscillating Duplicates
07:18 Random Rotations
07:30 Overview and Outro

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Duration: 00:08:20