3D Objects with Patterns | Illustrator Tutorial (Memphis Design)

In today’s step by step Adobe Illustrator CC tutorial you’ll learn how to create Memphis design using 3D effects. First you’ll see how to create different patterns using Zig Zag effect and clipping mask, then will see how to create 3D objects using Extrude & Bevel and Revolve from 3D effects, how to apply your patterns to this objects and also will learn how to add stunning depth to your artwork using blending modes and gradients. This Illustrator tutorial is for beginners and advanced.
I hope today’s Adobe Illustrator CC tutorial about 3D objects with patterns will really help you out. Drop a comment below and let me know what you liked about this video!
0:00 Intro
0:36 set up your workspace to be able to follow this Illustrator tutorial step by step
1:39 create patterns using line segment tool, zig zag effect and clipping mask
12:48 create 3D objects
19:58 add textures to 3D objects
24:35 expand 3D objects; apply colors, gradients and blending modes to add volume
40:48 apply drop shadow effect and learn advanced tip on how to use this effect to apply it to different objects faster
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