3D/Morph News Open – KFTY TV50

DESCRIPTION: This 3D animation was used as the lead in to KFTY TV50’s news @ 7pm.

PROGRAMS: After Effects, Pro Animator, Trapcode Particular plugin, Trapcode 3D Stroke, Photoshop, Illustrator.

CONTRIBUTION: I created all the Animations for this piece using Pro Animator and After Effects. The 3D text in the beginning was generated and textured as text objects in Pro Animator. I created the swirling light flares with Trapcode 3D Stroke and then added time-echo to create a more ethereal look. The morphing effects of the main logo and backgrounds was achieved with After Effects Bulge, Spherize, and distort filters. The fiery embers were created with Trapcode Particular and animated in AE. I created the morphing of the 3D TV50 logo by building two separate 3D objects from vector paths. One object was chrome textured, whereas the other was full color.

The background images were videos shot by the production team.

Duration: 6

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