3D Generalist Reel

Here is my latest demo reel. Enjoy!

1. This from a short film I made about a boy’s attempt at sneaking out of the house. I used the Koko rig and Kevin rigs. All other work was done by me using Maya and After Effects.
2. This shot was modeled in Maya and 3ds Max and rendered with Arnold.
3. This is a spine staple product demo. It was a fun project and I learned a lot about animating text in the process. I did all work on this except for the models which were provided for me. I used Maya and After Effects.
4. This is a shot from my senior animated film about a character that can only see the ground and must use shadows to navigate his environment. I did all the work on the film except for the music. I used Maya and Substance Painter.
5. A quick kick animation I did. I also modeled the ogre-type head he has. I used reference footage of myself in order to make this. Done in Maya.
6. For this project I had the freedom to make any interior scene I wanted and to light it. The last image was created by altering the render in Photoshop. Later on I added a camera move and applied the filters by batching the sequence in Photoshop. I used Maya, Photoshop and After Effects for this project.
7. For this project I was inspired by Unikitty from The Lego Movie. I decided to make a Unibunny. It has elements drawn from a bunny and a Unicorn and of course I had to make it chubby. Sculpted and painted in Zbrush.
8. This was a personal project that I worked on. It’s a simple low poly dog that I then 3D printed and gave as a gift. It was modeled after their own dog.
9. This was my first big project using Zbrush. Prior to this all I had made was an eye. It was a great learning experience. We had to pick a celebrity and sculpt a caricature of them. I chose Scarlett Johansson. Sculpted and painted in Zbrush
10. This is a quick project I did as an entry for a very open scholarship contest. For the entry we just needing to make something artistic that represents our academic ambitions. I chose to make this take on the traditional phoenix. The primary software used for this was Maya.
11. This was a project I made for my particles and dynamics course. We needed sync up a particle display with a song. I chose Jay Z’s “On to the Next One”. I used Maya, After Effects and Premiere for this project. All work other than the song of course was done by me.

Duration: 68

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