3D Anim – Sizzling Hot Auto Deals- KRON4

DESCRIPTION: 3D Open animation for KRON4’s Sizzling Hot Auto Deals show.

PROGRAMS: Maya, Zaxwerks Plug-in, After Effects, Knoll Light Factory Plug-in, Photoshop.

CONTRIBUTION: I performed all Animation for this piece. The 3D model of the billboard was downloaded from TurboSquid and then imported into Maya. From Maya I was able to manipulate the model to remove certain unwanted design aspects. From there I imported the 3D model directly into After Effects by way of the Zaxwerks plug-in. In doing so I had full AE camera control over the 3D environment. I animated the AE camera for the fly through animation. The background sky was a high resolution panorama I obtained through the KRON4 stock library. From AE I added a distort filter to the sky image to create a more natural spherical look. I designed the text animation on the billboard then applied it as a textured surface to the 3D model via Zaxwerks.

Duration: 8

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