3 ways to crop a video | Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial

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In this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial we’ll learn how to crop videos, or images, in 3 different ways. Cropping a video could be very useful for many reasons, such as creating tutorials, letterbox, mask effects, transitions and to duplicate yourself inside the same frame.

00:28 When and why we use the crop effect. To have multiple videos on screen at the same time
00:52 Using the crop effect to create letterbox bars
01:02 Using the crop effect to duplicate yourself
01:18 Using the crop effects for tutorials
02:02 Using the opacity mask to crop your video
06:06 How to animate an opacity mask
06:54 Join my online video editing courses
07:31 How to use a Linear Wipe transition to crop videos and create letterbox bars
11:01 How to use the Crop Effects in Premiere Pro to duplicate yourself
14:29 How to use the Crop Effects in Premiere Pro for tutorials
15:51 Conclusion

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