3 Minutes Lighting Spell Magic Effect Photoshop Tutorial

In this Photoshop tutorial video, you will learn how to create a Lighting Spell Magic Effect in just 3 minutes.

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Step by Step Tutorial:
1. Use type tool “T” to type any sentence inside.
2. Go filter – distort – wave, wave the sentence to any number that suit to you.
3. Copy the wave layer by pressing Ctrl + J, then press Ctrl + T to transform – right click & choose flip vertical – and turn it 180°.
4. Make the wave look nicer by moving the position of 1st wave.
5. Select both wave layer, and group it by pressing Ctrl + G.
6. i want to apply effect on the hand, so i move the wavy sentence to the hand.
7. Add a mask layer on the group layer.
8. Use soft brush to mask away the unwanted part, and make the end a little fade out effect.
**Make sure your foreground color is black & brush on mask layer.
9. Go to the group layer, right click and blending option.
10. Tick the outer Glow, Blend mode change to Color Dodge. Opacity change to 100, others just put in the number that suit to you.
11. Clear the unwanted part again, sorry that i didn’t clean it nicely.
12. Now use hard brush, mask the unwanted part again to make the effect look like surrounding her hand.
13. Create a new layer, make sure it is under the group layer.
14. Use soft brush with white color, paint it on the hand to create light effect on her hand.
15. Go blending mode, and apply outer grow on this layer.
16. Create a new layer again, in brush menu, tick scattering, and maximize scatter.
17. in Shape Dynamics, maximize Size Jitter.
18. Now adjust the brush to small size, and brush it to create shimmering effect on the Layer 2 “new layer”.
19. On Shimmering layer, go to blending mode, tick outer glow & inner glow.
20. Done!

Photo Credit: andy wana cosplay photography

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Duration: 00:02:56