2012 Compositing Reel with Breakdowns

Some professional and personal work from the past two years.


Most of the projects were designed and completed by me, with the exception of:

Global Goods Partners (0:32-0:40) – Served as Lead Animator and Motion Graphics designer.
NCntertainment (0:00-0:15) Animation, 3D and Compositing.

0:00-0:15 — Logo Lighting & Texture in C4D, Animated, Retime, Composited in After Effects.
0:16-0:22 — Roto, Particle Bats (Trapcode), Grading, Compositing all in AE.
0:22-0:29 — Matchmove in Boujou, Light, Texture & Render 3D Text in C4D, Composite in After Effects, Grade in Apple Color.
0:29-0:32 — Cartooned Stock footage, Composite Background, Add Smoke(Particular), Graded.
0:32-0:40 — Created Text and elements in Illustrator, Animated and Composited In After Effects.
0:40-0:57 — Edited stock images in Photoshop, created all other elements in Illustrator and Photoshop, Animated, Composited and Graded in After Effects.
0:57-1:12 — Director, Editor, Replaced monitor reflections and composited in AE. Relight and Graded in Davinci Resolve 8.
1:12-1:16 — Trapcode Particular and Form, all in After Effects.
1:17-1:28 — Image Editing in Photoshop, animated in AE, Added Partcles with Particular.
1:28-1:38 — Created clouds in Photoshop, Light and Texture 3D text in C4D to resemble the Les Paul Gibson Black Beauty guitar, added Reflections, Volumetric Lights, additonal materials, Composited in After Effects.
1:39-1:44 — Director, Editor, Matchmove with Boujou, Model, Light, Texture 3D text in Cinema 4D, Render with GI and shadows, Composite in AE.
1:44-2:04 — Director, Editor, different Grades with Apple Color and Davinci Resolve.

Duration: 132

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