2011 Demo Reel

Everything in the demo was produced by myself using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, AfterEffects, and C4D.

The opening piece was created using pictures of my hands which I then took into photoshop to stylize. I created the gun using Illustrator, Texturing was done in Photoshop.

The second round of graphics was created for the Mun2 television channel for a sizzle reel and presentation. All AE.

“Ferocious Dinosaurs” was created for the “Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” video game trailer. The background was provided by the studio.

The Doctors segment, beginning with the “Seasons Change” graphics was created for “The Doctors” medical talk show on CBS. The Seasons Change graphic was created entirely in C4D. The lime green Doctors logos and subsequent interstitials were created using AE and optical flares. The flying paper effect was created using AE and multiple instances of CCPageTurn. Shake Up your Sex Life was created entirely in C4D. The “Stay out of the ER” text was created in C4D then imported into AE with camera data and linked to the background. The final Doctors logo was created in C4D with the EKG light added in AE.

The graphic for The Event was created in AE for a promo for the NBC television show.

The “Who’s the Host?” title graphic was created for a pilot of a reality tv show. The text was created in Illustrator and stylized and textured in AE. The background was a roto effect using a still from the show’s footage. It was animated with a 3D camera in AE and the particles were created using Particle World.

The next piece was created for an infomercial for a piece of workout equipment called the PowerPlate. All of the work was done in AE. The streak was created using multiple instances of 3D stroke. The particles were created using particular and a variety of lighting and color effects native to AE. The 3D camera was the animated along a path in AE.

The tribal art image (“Return to Zion”) was created from a picture of my face which I took into photoshop and “painted” over, creating the shapes using the pen tool. The different colors were created on different layers. The layers were brought into ae and animated with a 3D camera.

The 3 Person of Interest pieces were styleframes I created and put to animation for a new J.J. Abrams/Jonathan Nolan pilot. All 3 were done entirely in AE. The subway map on the final style is an image of the NYC subway system that I removed the background from and stylized in AE.

“A Mann’s World” graphic was a title treatment I created for the new Michael Patrick King (of “Sex in the City) drama. Created in AE.

Little in Common was an animated style created for an upcoming Fox sitcom of the same name. The soccer ball was hand drawn then scanned into the computer and isolated using photoshop. It was then animated by hand in AE.

The “Won’t Know what Hit It” graphic was created in AE as part of a promo for an upcoming police drama, “Cooper & Stone.” The Bulge effect was used to warp the fence. CC Radial Blur was used for shadows.

The 4x Geeks graphic was created for a promo package for the CBS television show “The Big Bang Theory”. The promo was used by the WB to promote reruns of the recently syndicated show. The graphic was created in AE using per character 3D animation keyframes and optical flares.

The heads up display was created for NBC’s Knight Rider (2008-09). Monet was used for the tracking. All other work was done in AE.

The informational graphic concerning the race car driver was created for a tv pilot titled “Circuit Battles”. All of the graphics and their animation was done in AE.

“Unity” was a personal project I created for fun using a large illustrator document, masks and a 3D camera in ae. The “reservoir dog-like” figure was a free vector which I animated using the puppet tool in ae.

My logo was created and animated in C4D. The text below and the background were created in AE.

I can be contacted at:

email: chase.steffens@gmail.com
cell phone: 818.823.6473

Duration: 75

Likes: 10