2 Ways to Create Texture Brushes | Illustrator tutorial

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial you’ll learn 2 ways to create your own grain texture brush in Illustrator.

Noise texture brush is tricky to use if you don’t know needed hints, so in this Illustrator tutorial you’ll find the best methods to create grain brush, save it (and add to Illustrator brushes), adjust settings for your custom brush and apply this grain texture brush to your illustration in 2 different ways. You will be able to easily use it with the Brush tool, Pen tool or Sprayer tool on your choice.

I hope today’s Illustrator tutorial about grain texture brushes will really help you out. Drop a comment below and let me know what you liked about this video!

0:00 Intro
0:14 how to create a noise for your custom texture brush
0:38 how to add custom noise to the Brushes panel and how to adjust your noise brush
01:28 how to edit brush strokes with the Direct Selection tool + ‘Simplify’ feature and how to apply your custom noise to a single stroke made with the Pen tool
02:07 how to use the Symbol Sprayer tool; how to add your noise to the symbols panel, how to adjust spraying and how to control it
03:35 how to use the Soft Light Blending mode to skip manual noise coloring
04:04 how to apply texture brushes to the shapes in your illustrations

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