(2) Candy Heart Ransom Love Letters

“There it goes again”… In five complicated and unsettling steps (All is Go!, Alarm Bells, Mind Bombs, Clean Breaks?, and Out of Order) this video is a full-blown parody of a relationship from the blissful beginning to its woeful end. Also it attempts to comprehend why we are always so willing to “reset” our hearts again and again to find true love.

A remix of two naive young couples from industrial films highlight a recurrent path as they travel through typical dysfunctional love affairs. The main headliners, however, are candy hearts, unseen text messagers and deceptive ransom love notes that facilitate typical expressions of amorous doom. Highway signage also provides a startling metaphor helping navigate their unhinged journeys from start to finish. Enjoy!

Digital video; Photoshop, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Garageband
8 minutes, 58 seconds

Duration: 542

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