1nonly – Stay With Me (AMV)

moving different… inspired by Trunx永遠


[these are my most commonly used anime]

Cut the Crimson Eye , Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisten, One Piece ,Fate Magical Girl Ilia , Seraph of the End , Sword Art Online , Guilt crown , Killing Angel , Blood Front , Sunday without God , Dragon Mother Seven Seven Seven , No joke, no smile , Taboo curse , Fall in love with secondary illness , A certain scientific super-electromagnetic gun, College Fleet , Life in another world from scratch , Scorching Fire Brigade , Beyond the Boundary , Clannad , Flip girl Sirius Aria the Scarlet Ammo , Bungou Stray Dogs
Naruto , A Certain Magical List
Game of Life , Battle of the Ice Sea
Attacking Giant , Shakugan’s Shana
Tap and flip the little witch ,One Punch Man
Dragon Ball ,Assassin
Five Six Seven ,Jojo’s bizarre adventure
grim Reaper ,Tokyo Ghoul
K project ,RE. Creators , Free, magical index, adorable food goddess, Asterisk wars, cautious hero, tales of zesteria, konosuba, dimension w, fireforce, seven deadly sins, persona Q2, slime, hanebado, haikyuu, sangastu no lion, hundred, kabaneri iron fortress, uchuu patrol luluco, fog hill five elements, Tiger mask w, star ocean anamnesis, flip flappers, To be hero, detective conan movie 23, ambition of oda nobunaga, bleach movie 4 [ hell verse], one punchman, punchline, gangsta, Rakka ryouran, bunny girl senpai, fate grand order, cm. Zetsubou sensei, kyoukai no kanata movie, sss gridman, darling in the franxx, full metal panic, fate and stay night, valkyrie drive, hand shakers, tokyo xanadu, kore wa zombie, senran kagura, my hero academia , danmachi, blue exorcist, naruto shippuden, raragami, magic highschool irregular, Acca 13, youjo senki, akame ga kill, blood c+, black clover, dragon ball super Broly, death parade, dog days, shinmai no testament, prince of stride, alderamin on the sky, shield hero,mob Psycho, sword art online, dororo, boruto, demon slayer, absolute duo.

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Program: Sony Vegas Pro 15 + Adobe After Effects

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