100K Subscribers + How To Make a HIGHLIGHT VIDEO in Adobe Premiere Pro

After 12 years of creating videos for this channel, we’ve passed 100K subscribers! Thank you all, this is an amazing community to be part of. I’m working on a 100K highlight video, and this is just a teaser of what’s to come. I figured if I were to put out a teaser, I might as well give some insight into what goes into the structure of a highlight video, as well as some tips and tricks to culling through lots of content quickly.

I’ve partnered with Adobe to give you my take on how to utilize their new Scene Edit Detection tool within Premiere. I’ve had a long-time working relationship with the crew at Adobe, and this channel could not have been possible without their tools. If you aren’t already on the train, I definitely suggest looking into it if you’re serious about getting into content production.

Here’s a breakdown for quick reference below:
00:00 – History Teaser
02:07 – Scene Edit Detection Tool
05:38 – Viewing your Sub-clips Visually
06:09 – Setting up Your Sequence (And Preset)
07:38 – Building Structure Markers
10:17 – Dropping Content In
10:55 – History Lesson
12:09 – Export Settings

Song: Krane – Fake Friends

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Duration: 00:14:09