10 Handy Tips | Things to know for beginners Ep7/19 [Adobe Illustrator for Beginners]

In this video I am going to cover 10 details in Adobe illustrator that you should know and be up to speed with before starting a project. The things I am going to cover in the next few minutes are things that are going to improve your workflow and help you create your artwork.

In this video tutorial I will be using Adobe Illustrator CC for mac. Almost all of the principles demonstrated and covered will apply to future and previous versions. Some differences may apply if you are using a previous or future version.

Tips Covered:

00:00:00 Start
00:01:22 Tip 1 Zooming
00:02:36 Tip 2 Manoeuvring
00:03:06 Tip 3 Duplicating Objects
00:03:33 Tip 4 Select Multiple Objects
00:04:15 Tip 5 Aligning
00:05:10 Tip 6 Rulers & guides
00:06:53 Tip 7 Smart Guides
00:08:33 Tip 8 Scale Strokes & Effects
00:09:45 Tip 9 Shift & Full screen
00:10:16 Tip 10 Grids

Keyboard shortcuts used in this video:

Z – Zoom tool
F – Full screen mode
Tab – Toggle visibility of interface panels

Press & hold spacebar – Maneuver around document
Press & hold alt + click & drag – Quick duplicate object (with selection tool active)
Press & hold shift + click – Select multiple objects (with selection tool active)
Press & hold shift + click – Deselect objects (with selection tool active)
Press & hold shift + click & drag – Scale object (with scale tool active)

Press & hold alt + Click – Zoom out (with zoom tool active)

cmd (Ctrl PC) + 0 – Zoom to fit document to workspace area
cmd (Ctrl PC) + 1 – Zoom to 100%
cmd (Ctrl PC) + R – Show rulers
cmd (Ctrl PC) + ; – Show guides
cmd (Ctrl PC) + ‘ – Show Grid



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