1-Minute: Perspective Shadows Text Effect Photoshop!

To create an engaging text effect in Adobe Photoshop, start by adding a solid color adjustment layer and selecting black as the background color. Next, use the text tool to type any desired text – for this example, we will use the word “shadows”. Use the move tool to position the text where desired.

To create a reflection effect, duplicate the text layer by pressing CTRL or cmd J, then use ctrl or cmd T to enable transform. Right-click and select “flip vertical”. Move the copy text layer to the bottom of the original text layer to create the reflection.

To enhance the reflection, convert the copy layer to a smart object by right-clicking and selecting “convert to smart object”. Open the transform tool by pressing ctrl or cmd T and right-clicking to select “perspective”. Hold and drag the corner handle to stretch the reflection and create a perspective illusion.

Next, add a gradient overlay to the reflection by clicking on the fx icon and selecting “gradient overlay”. Choose the black-to-white gradient and adjust the scale, angle, and style to your liking.

Finally, adjust the placement of the shadow and click “ok” to apply the changes. Voila! You have created an impressive text effect.

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