😍This Clipping Mask Method No One Taught You Before | Illustrator Tutorial

Hello world, Have you ever encountered an issue in clipping mask for an artboard. When we create some artwork that is bigger than the artboard. we need to mask that exceeded part. so we clip mask it. but unfortunately, that doesn’t work very well. So once I came up with this trick https://youtu.be/drXfL1H-OYI but beginners could not understand that. and honestly, it wasn’t even masking.

So In this updated video, I’ve shown you how to create a mask or how to mask an artboard in illustrator or How to get rid of artboard outside objects for a better view. Whichever is your question, This video is the answer. I bet you are not aware of this special feature of Illustrator.

Vector Night Illustration Tutorial: https://youtu.be/rSIQJNY1dlI

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► I hope you’ll learn something out of it. 🙂
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