🔴 ​ How To Professional 3D TEXT After Effects – Quick & Easy Tutorial [#DailyTut]

​Hey guys! Today I will show you all how to design 3D Extruded Text in Adobe After Effects CC 2014.2 This Approach to Professional 3D Text uses “Convert Text to Shape Layers” as well as the Shape Layer Repeater Effector.

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Using repeaters, you can fake extruding text in After Effects CC by repeating the position per copy with an offset of 1px or less. This is basically just a hack to fake 3D extrusion with 2D shape layers, but the results can be quite satisfying when done correctly. depending on how much time you want to spend you can create some really interesting looks! Plus, all of these parameters are keyframable, meaning you can animate this effect to your heart’s desire! This text will work perfectly for any intro designs you may be working on, or even for a banner design you may be thinking about! Share your creations with me on twitter (@TGODdesigns) 😀

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Head over to Lynda.com to put your learning on steroids! This website is where I self-taught myself most of the features I know today in Adobe After Effects, and I’m so happy that they were willing enough to give you guys all a 10-day free trial! I’ll also get a small kickback if you do decide to sign up using my link, so that’s pretty darn cool:

Programs Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2014.2 (Compositing)
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 (Editing)
Audacity (Audio/Music Editing)

External Assets Used:
Subtact – Tunnel Vision (TGODdesigns Intro Song)
Positronic Emotions 2 – Gavin Luke (Tutorial Background Music)
The Tonight Show – Martin Baekkevold (TGODdesigns Outro Song)

Duration: 00:15:53