✔️Complete Photoshop Tutorial in Telugu ( తెలుగు లో ఫోటోషాప్ )

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Complete Photoshop Tutorial in Telugu
తెలుగు లో సులభంగా ఫోటోషాప్ నేర్చుకోండి.

In this complete adobe photoshop tutorial for beginners, you will learn how to use photoshop and other basic to advanced photoshop skills.

Topics Covered in this Video :
Concept of Photoshop
Basic Interface of Photoshop
Photoshop Interface
File Creation
New file Options
Colour Profile
Opening Files
Transparent Images
Images with Background
Creating Layers
Deleting Layers
Moving Layers
Tools in Photoshop
Complete Explanation of Toolbar & Panels
Move Tool
Marquee Tool
Lasso Tool
Quick Selection Tool
Crop Tool
Eye Picker
Healing Brush
Brush Tool &
Stamp Tool
history tool
eraser tool
blur tool
dodge tool
Pen Tool
Text Tool
Direct Selection Tool
Shapes Tool
Hand Tool & Zoom Tool
Creating New Layers
Copying Layers
Converting Background to Layer
Copy Via Layer
Deleting Layers
Moving Layers
Locking Layers
Layer Opacity
Layer Panel
Drawing in Photoshop
Layers in Drawing
Layer Masking & Adjustment Layers

I will add 2 more (missed) topics in the next video

Duration: 08:50:06