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A ‘How To’ Picture Editing Guide Featured

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Taking a beautiful photograph should only be the start of the journey from spotting a great image to getting the final product. Once you have downloaded the image from your camera, you should be looking at which picture editing tools can help you to enhance the image even further and turn something beautiful into a truly stunning depiction.

Depending on how much time and energy you want to spend on editing your photographs, not to mention how much investment you want to make, there are a range of programmes and tools available for your use. Apple’s iPhoto has some pretty good and easy to use tools for retouching, resizing and enhancing. If you want to get more in-depth and increase the options available in your editing suite, the professional choice is Photoshop. There are great tutorials for Photoshop here, and below are some of the functions you are likely to use most often when editing your images.

Image Size

From here you can resize your image to make it fit into the frame or canvas size you need. You can also make sure you are working at the right resolution. 72dpi is the industry standard resolution for displaying images on the web, but if you are going to print your image you need to make sure you are working in 300dpi.


This is where you can increase the white or black in the image, so if your lighter tones look blown out you can darken it to give the image more vibrancy. On the other hand if your image is looking a bit dark, putting some white tones through it will lift the overall image and give you more clarity.

Hue and Saturation

This function allows you to take your image down to black and white or flood it with colour. The technique is popular for wedding pictures where the bride and groom are left in colour, but the background is taken down to a black and white image.

Lasso Tools

If you want to work on a specific part of the image but not the rest, or you want to remove a part of the image from the background, you can use the lasso tools to carefully cut around the selections you want.

Once you are happy with the final result you can use the picture as your desktop wallpaper. Another option is to use it as a gift theme. For example, you could use your Photoshopped image of a friend to create a unique mug, a calendar, or print it as a wall mural. These make perfect gifts if you are stuck for ideas on any occasion.

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